Saturday, 22 September 2012

Style Inspiration

This was one of the creation I found online and decided to share. Nice use of colours yeah?

The good thing is the peplum is still available to buy. Like they say, diamonds Peplums are a girl's best friend! Click to see two amazing colours.

LPS Home Made.

So after weeks of eating out, I finally decided to make use of my cooking skills. I mean, eating out is kind of expensive and addictive and due to the nature of my work (Personal shopping), I've not been useful in the cooking department for a while now.

I went food shopping today that even my bff was shocked. Don't get me wrong, I am an expert in the kitchen department and in everything I do anyways (WINKS) but lately, the urge to cook was no longer there.

So today, I prepared a proper Nigerian delicacy (Efo riro & pounded yam) just the way mama taught me and the result is what you see above. 

To be honest, since I devoured that mountain up there, LAZINESS is an understatement.(covered face) Will not be trying pounded yam again soon though but the good thing is the vegetable stew goes with almost everything for me including my Saturday Agege Bread!!!:-)

How did your day go lovely peeps?

Just Landed!

Brogues Creepers request

A customer sent me a mail yesterday asking for Brogues Creepers and these are what I have found. These are classic style for men but the good thing is , it works for women as well if paired rightly.

Now I know most of us like being girly and all so I decided to post some few pictures of how you can rock yours just in case you decided to get one. Click for more.

Put a ring on it update

So I finally get to see and shipped the ring buy yesterday and like I promised to update you guys, here it is. To be honest, I was very impressed with the buy. The rings are quite fab! The seller even gave some kind of warranty and insurance to this particular ring. The other rings (which eventually turned out to be 3-in-1 ) too looked fab but didn't really have the chance to take a picture cos my lovely rude boy shipper was in a hurry to seal the goods and I for one was running late for work. It also came in a nice carrier paper bag which I think is lovely. So that's my report. Hope I have done well?

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