Saturday, 25 August 2012

LPS Buys of the day!

Blazer is £60 while dress is £53. Who likes? 

Super Skinnies.

All available now for £26 each. Click for more

Video:DIY: Ombre Hair Tutorial

Nice tutorial. Hope you like?

34 Birthday gift

I'm sure y'all remember my 34 birthday gift post. If you missed it read HERE We have added 3 more buys. Click to see more.

Pick your Fave:Sunnies

All available to order

Pocket Friendly Buys


Dogtooth Likes

 £35 Each

LPS Find

I featured blushing black blogger on LPS look of the day and a reader sent me a mail to ask if I can get the bum short for her. Look what I found! Nice try innit? Leave a comment if you are interested.

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