Sunday, 11 March 2012

Meternity Picks

Hey bunnies! (Apologies for this late post, uploading the pics was a nightmare)
how are y'all today? I tried so hard to post during the week but *lips sealed* Ok am so excited about todays post because am doing a meternity and Guys accessories post.

Midi Dress with Rouching Was £35 Now £26
Gone are the days when being pregnant gives you the license to look old, tacky and unattarctive. Todays trends says you can be preggo and still look hawt so much that your partner will always want to....*wink*

So this are the stuff I got for a naughty friend of mine from ASOS during the week and I must say the items really look fabulous.I recieved these items yesterday and was so thrilled. Enjoy! Next post is something for Guys in Vogue.

Catch you later. xoxoxo

Wrap Dress with Tulip Skirt £40

Lace Dress £40

Dress with Ruffle Sleeve Was £40 now £20

Swing Dress with PussybowWas £40 Now £28
Lace Dress with Buttons £45

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Lace Skater dress £40

Colourblock Belted Dress with Long sleeveWas £40 now £28

Was £30. Now £21

Was £35 now £9

Knot front slinky Maxi Dress was £40 now £28
Jersey Dress with Wrap Burst Was £25 now £18.50

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