Monday, 31 December 2012

Gianni Chiarini : Simplicity made in Italy

 So the bag I got for my post christmas present is by Gianni Chiarini: an italian designer. Now if you are looking for an affordable designer bag, this is highly recommended because all bags are 100% leather. The bag is solid in real pictures and I admit my camera did not do much justice to it.I'm returning the Navy blue I got in store and place order for the burgundy colour online. Who likes the burgundy? Click to see more & also the plastic version of the bag.

Today I'm wearing Asos, Zara & Debenhams.

Wow it's the last day of 2012!!! God has been faithful and I say congratulations to everyone reading this post. You made it guys!!! Back to the post. 
Today I'm wearing my favourite skirt from Asos, Zara basic tops and another best buys from Debenhams; Jacket. Now to my shoes...thank you for all the comments both on my blog and bbm. Please note that the most stylish shoes do not come in big sizes. I'm officially a size UK 10 so I can only wear what they make for the 'no size in London' foot. Maybe when I become a millionaire, I'll customise my shoes. Now that we are clear, please no more dissing my shoes (: Click to continue..

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Just Ordered

 That Peep-toe pump is PERFECTION!!! Are you feeling it at all? Gosh!!! How I wish I can afford foot surgery:( As for the price, best we leave it out of the blog..haha

LPS Online Finds..

Found this gorgeous bag on line and I'm smitten . Who likes? Click to see alternate colour.

Today I'm wearing Eclipse Print Shutter Dress

Dress is by Long Tall Sally (my official clothing store) I was crazy about this dress at first so I paid full price of £95 but something just stopped me from wearing. 

Guess what peeps, dress came down to £30 in the sales. Did I cry? Hell No!! I jeje-ly did back to sender and re-ordered. Thank God there was still a size 10 What do you think? Yay or Nay? Thanks to Tolu for the pictures. hehe (someone's head is swelling now)

Lingerie Order.

Click to continue..

H&M Heels

 Remember the sandal I used for my Black Out post yesterday? Found them in these gorgeous colours and my verdict is black can be boring sometimes (: Which of the colours are you going with?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Just Ordered

iPad Case was £ £10. Love the colour. One more picture after the cut.

Just ordered.

Also available in Gold & Brown. Click to see more..Was £ £13.99. Client ordered the Blue & Gold. Savings toh make sense.

New Season Picks.

 Click to view more.

Sales Shopping Survival Tips

With the shops exploding with fantastic bargains, you will definitely be needing your personal shopper.*winks*

Today I'm wearing...

So Tolu was around my crib today and I decided to turn my friend into a photographer. These are the outcome. I planned 5 outfits today but was exhausted at the 3rd. Kudos to all my blog mates out there. You ladies are doing a fantastic job. 
I'm wearing a Primark Limited Edition Peplum top (£14) with a River Island Pencil Skirt (£10 sales) I got this top for 2 reasons: the length & the silver details. Wish I could give you a closer look but I am obviously a learner! Click to see more and tell what you think.

Black Out: Inspired by Kim Kardashian

Check out my creation after the cut. Blouse £40, Skirt £15, Clutch Purse £30, Left heels £20, Right heels £30. What's your verdict guys?

Just ordered...

Who likes?

Grab a bargain

Remember this shoe from my previous post was £75? Well good news is Shoe has been reduced to £45.99 and also available in colour red & bone. Great stuff!Click to view more

Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Birthday Duchess

Featuring on LPS celebrant of the day is my beautiful client Stella,CEO of Planification Events. She has been with LPS for a while now and we celebrant her today. She is an Event manager and one of the busiest clients on my list. Click to see more pictures of her jobs and tell me if you like?

BBM Updates

A few favourites from BBM world. Thank you all so much for patronizing LPS and spreading the word. 

Looking forward to another year. More when you continue


Sales Order

Bag was £250, now £175 with free delivery. Not bad if you ask me. Aldo Shoe, another Christian Louboutin lookalike is £75. Zara Shirt was £39.99 now £29.99. How annoying can Zara sales be? What happened to 50% off? Click to see more

Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year's Eve Outfit:Black & Gold


Dress is currently on sale now for £17.50. What do you think of my styling? More sales steal coming up soon. Please note that this is a backless dress like the ones you see on the red carpets.

Harrods Sales Pick Judith Leiber

Check out Judith Leiber puppy sequin clutch bag originally sold at £4,355 now £2,150. How nice of Harrods!!! Yay or Nay? Click to see 1 more picture.

Btw, how much is a plot of land in Lekki? #Justasking

New in Store order

These are the order I recieved yesterday. All items are from the New collection. The funny thing is my client was super excited about the first item because she wants to recreate Kim's look (see picture after the cut) and my previous post here  inspired her to grab the skirts. Cool stuff. Click for more

Photo of the Day

I wonder what this is all about though.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Denim & Blue: Kim Kardashian Inspired

Created Kim's look below. Click to view and tell me what you think.

Reiss Sales

Found these items on line and decided to share. Grey dress was £159 now £47 while the cross over dress was £149 now £44. The good thing I like this about store is all sizes are available. Now what's your verdict on these items? Yay or Nay. Click for more pictures

Sales order.

Just ordered these items for a client. My client has been eyeing these buys for a while and now they are all on sale. Love the red one but sold out in my size.:(

 Click to see more. The first item is available in white and black. Client got the white one.

End of Year Sale

So the end of year sale officially started today and this is a glimpse of the Selfridges store earlier today. Wish I could get the Next store for you because heard that some bargain hunters got there as early as 3am. I mean who does that?

Thank you Santa :-)

Happy Boxing day!!! Enjoy the unwrapping of the presents! I just did mine & all I want to do now is get high on Baileys..hehe

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas...

On behalf of myself and my lovely LPS team, we would like to say a million thanks to all LPS blog readers and visitors worldwide. Thank you for all your support, patience,encouragement,love,comments, likes  and most importantly your feedback. 
Massive thank you to my new, old and regular customers that patronized us since we came on board in February 2012. Thank you for believing in me. Your trust and confidence in me means a lot and my prayer for you is God bless you richly. May your joy be full this yuletide season. We will all have many more reasons to celebrate Christmas for the rest of our lives. Have fun guys, do justice to that turkey/chicken, remember to put a smile on someones face tomorrow and never you forget that Christ is the reason for the season. I'll be back after boxing day. 

Merry Christmas!xoxo

Skirts currently on sale. Grab a bargain.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. The Happy times are indeed here.Just came back to my wish list on-line and alas my people, some of my items has been reduced. *azonto dance* Now I've been eyeing the skirt above since it appeared on-line but now fear grip me because the drastic reduction in the price makes me wonder if it's a good buy. Imagine from £45 now £13.50? Kilode!!! I ordered it anywayz so fingers & legs crossed. I've decided to wear more of skirts these days since I feel is makes me look shorter somehow and this will be my 10th buy in 4 weeks. *innocent face* 

So I picked a few that are currently on sale with at least 50% off and I hope you see something you like even though some of them has back slits. My fave are 2,4 & 8. That Polka dot green skirt is the Skirt!!! Only Toolz & I own it so far (iJoke) Click to see more

Order on the go.

So I was on my way for lunch when I received a blackberry ping from my male client. He wanted the jacket above and it was the last one left in his size. Sharply I logged on to my phone to place the order for him and Yes!!! I got the last one. Yeah Thank God for mobile phones with internet.
 Now the best part is Jacket was initially £99 now £60. What would you do with the £39 saved? If you are not shopping now in the UK, you are definitely on the longest thing ever! #Nuff said. Still stock at work though :(Hope your Christmas turkey is intact? Will be sharing all my home made food and cake tomorrow with you all. Keep blogged in. *wink*

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