Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Birthday Duchess

Featuring on LPS celebrant of the day is my beautiful client Stella,CEO of Planification Events. She has been with LPS for a while now and we celebrant her today. She is an Event manager and one of the busiest clients on my list. Click to see more pictures of her jobs and tell me if you like?

With the first lady of Ogun State where she trained unemployed graduates on decor/event planning.

Like what you see? Let me know if you are interested in her contact details. Btw, her bbm name is Duchess (:


  1. Lovely lady n lovely decor

  2. She's a beauty and creative too. Happy birthday dear.

  3. I know her & yes, she's all you say she is! A combination of Beauty & Brains! & very meticulous! Well done Stella! I celebrate you too! XOXO Yvonne

  4. I know her, & Yes she's all you say she is! A combination of Beauty & Brains & very meticulous. Well done Stella (Duchess) we at Easy-Search celebrate you too. Happy birthday! XOXO


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