Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meet Corrie: the hottest guy from Chicago

Happy Wednesday peeps

He is 24 and described his style as versatile. Do you like? I mean for a 24years old, I feel he nailed it yeah? Are you feeling his make up? More when you continue.

Gucci Newest Baby

 You like? I love it max!!! Cost £2,430. Grab yours now,next year, never?:-)

Photo: Lady Gaga Colour Block

Yey or Ney?

Which do you prefer?

Hey ladies!

Kindly help my customer decide which of these shoes to pick. She prefers the blush on the left but dislikes the buckle. What do you think?

Tattoo of the day

Oucchhh.. Looks painful. You like?



Ankara Dress of the day!

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