Saturday, 8 December 2012

Kurt Geiger order

Just ordered this for a client. Shoes was £210 but now £105 which means 50% off. It comes in Red & Black and the funny thing is the black is still full price while the red is £4 more than the camel colour. Click to see more and which will you go for? Def not black!!!

Adaku's Shirt Dress Request

One my customer sent me the picture of Dak (Thirdworldprofassional blooger) few days back requesting for the shirt dress in the exact colour. Well after browsing all my possible sites, this is what I could find. I think it's close right or what do you reckon? Some request can be tough sha! lol Got her the last size 12. Only left in sizes UK 10 & 16
Click to see more

Work wear blouses pick

I get loads of queries about work wear blouses that are not too formal. I think these pieces will work well depending on the type of office. One of the advantages of my job is we get to wear absolutely anything to work including jeans on a Monday!#Glory to God!!!hehe  Click to see more.

Celebrity Style Review:Khloe Kardashian

Love!Love!!Love!!! 10/10 Khloe! Kudos to whoever styled this. Every pieces well put together.

Books Order.

Don't you just love LPS??? We help you upgrade anything including your library!!! hehe. Never knew about these books though.(except for Bro Jero's Trial) Thanks to my job*covered face smiley*

New Bags order

Had this order in my inbox for 2 days now but totally forgot. Apologies ma for the delay. Click to see more fabulous buys.

Recent order

These items were recent orders that I forgot to share. The first dress comes in another colour. Click to continue. The polka dot jumpsuit is really cool.

Just Arrived:Random Picks

More after the cut. The mustard coloured bag is not bad at all.
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