Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Victoria Beckham launches her own designer spectacle collection

I really admire Victoria's business sense. She claims she is short sighted and haven't found glasses that suits her so my dearest boss lady is coming out with her own range. The collection will go on sale in January 2013 costing from £295 - £340. Coming from her, I think that is fairly priced. Lovely dress posh!

Zara's Newest Item

One thing about my Zara is that they have a way of spicing their old stock (especially bags) to make it new. I am sure you've seen this bag design every where. First it came out in Brown then black and other lovely colours. Now they have transformed it to studded bag. Well done Zara!!! LOL What do you think ladies?  You like?

Affordable Designer Bags

 Hello lovely people. Hope your day was fab? So I came across these collection by UK designer Hubrey and decided to share with you and yeah with price tag!!! Hope you like. I personally think the bags are fairly priced and looks more expensive. The last pic is my fave. Reminds me of MiuMiu collection. What do you think?

Btw LPS give away is officially closed and we have our second winner. Post will come up soon. Plenty thanks to all who took part. We have 3 bags left to give away. I am thinking of coming up with a give away to mark LPS 6 months  in existence. Will def let you all know when the time comes. 

LPS Clients rocking buys.

Hey Guys!

Apologies for my lazyness regarding putting up prices for the pocket friendly buys. Will make amend soon. These are some pictures my clients sent in recently so I thot I should share with you all.  First on the list is Barinola rocking her Hawes & Curtis Shirt. She is my very first customer and the Floral print shirt is my very first buy. I am not sure but I feel I have mentioned this in previous post so apologies if am sounding like a broken record.
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