Thursday, 23 May 2013

LPS orders...

Wish I could share all my orders with you but #Ain't nobody got time for that. hehe. 
OK click to see more 

Spotlight: Zara's Messenger Box Bag

This messenger box bag from Zara has been on my mind forever. I love the bag so much simply because it's simple and cute. The colours are amazing and it's one of those bags you rock when you don't feel like doing big bags or for a hang out with friends. Other ways I will personally rock mine is by hiding the long handle inside the bag thereby rocking it like a clutch box bag (LPS tips)  

My fave colour is the Lime green which is coming back soon but I'm thinking of getting the green while I wait for it. Yeah I can afford the 2 cos it's in-expensive. For £25.99, who wouldn't? LoL.

Now that I have brought this cute damsel into the spotlight, please my fellow Lagos big girls, go easy on this bag now ooo. Don't rock it to death just like the gold heel sandals biko. hehehe (iJokes) Click to see more.
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