Thursday, 2 August 2012

Look of the Day

The clutch bag is ......(Fill in the gap) Lovely!!! 

See what black girls are rocking in the UK!

 They all look lovely but who smashed her look? I am going with the chic in pink short below after the cut. The chic to the left bought her bag for 50p!!! #Bargain

For your feet only

Only continue when you've done what I asked you to do...hehe #okbye Most prices not available now. Will let you know when I update prices

Meet Leslie:The Hottest Preggo

By the way she has delivered a lovely cute baby girl but I am so in love with her preggo look-book. Tell me if any man will not be proud if his woman is this hot while on the 9 month course.Loving the Leopard print and touch of red. Pregnancy sure agrees with her. More pic when you continue..

Meet Biko: The Kenyan Diva

She is one lady that refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity and her favourite saying is 'think about what you want your clothes to say about you before putting them on''

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