Friday, 12 October 2012

Giveaway Friday!!!

 Hey Everyone!!! TGIF!!! How has your week been?

 Like I updated on my Blackberry and Facebook page, I want to say a big 'Thank You' to my loyal visitors for their visits so far. I am giving away 3 mobile network top up cards to 3 fastest Nigeria based visitors on my blog. 

I have the highest traffic from Nigeria, hence the reason I'm going with my country (even though I am a little bit biased ;-) 

So this is how it works. No task. Just continue to see the numbers. In order to make it fair enough, the last digit will be missing but it will be between 1,2,3

Also the network slogan is synonymous to being a KING!!! (IQ test)

Lastly PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR NAME AND LOCATION IF YOU AR THE WINNER!!!!!!! No Anonymous comment please (God is watching you on 3D if you don't.:))

Click to see numbers. 2 more networks coming soon.


Cutie of the day..

Riley....Lil Miss Fierce

Just ordered..

Leopard Skater Dress.Nice..

Tom Ford Oversized Glasses...

Who likes?
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