Monday, 4 June 2012

Primark Skirt! Who wore it best?


My own 2 cents…. #DanaCrash

Aderonke , my dearest friend & customer sent this poem to me via BBM and I decided to share with you. Am still hoping this is a bad dream because right now am short of words. Read poem after the cut.

Work Wears

  Warning!!! Do not judge the outfit based on the models as they do not do these outfits justice. More after the cut.

Photo of the day!

My favourite spice girl Melanie Brown (Mel B) looking fab. There is one particular thing that caught my attention in this picture? Can you guess?

Fashion Disaster

 This is pathetic! Seriously why would a sane person leave the house dressed like this. Fashion police please! One more picture after the cut

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