Monday, 3 September 2012

Random Buys

These are random orders over the weekend. Shirt is £25 while bodycon pencil skirts are £20 each

Primark vs Marks & Spencer

Which outfit would you go for? Can you see any similarities at all? I purposely did not specify the outfit for both stores. Let's see who knows :-)

Marks & Spencer Autumn Outfit Ideas

Are you buying these ideas at all?

Dear Ladies, is this acceptable?

This was what a babe rocked to the just concluded Psquare show last Bank Holiday weekend and I am still amazed how someone in the right frame of mind will dress like this to a concert! Is this allowed even in the western world? One more pictures when you continue.

Hottie of the day!

Yeah! That is my smoking hot Eddilicious. Too much Swag!

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