Thursday, 15 November 2012

Celebrity Style Review: Mel B

Hot or hmmm. Me I love the chest detail but my boobs can't fit to try the outfit! iLove!!!

Just ordered...

Landing cost to Lagos Nigeria is N8000

Back in stock.

So this Gorgeous Blue blazer sold out in few days when it was launched but surprisingly now back in stock. I have ordered 6 straight away because once bitten, 25 times shy. Let me know if you want one. Landing cost to Lagos Nigeria is N10,000 

Primark Limited Edition Jewellery

Now I am silently praying to God to make Primark kick off a Tall range like right now. These guys are doing big things mehn!!! Lol..Anyways click to see more new arrivals. There is a shoe in this post that I still can't believe is from Primark.

Funny Things I hear every single day.

McQueen Shoes.

Yay or Nay. Available in Selfridges

Jimmy Choo's complimentary offer

Jimmy Choo has a complimentary offer of a free shoe box when you purchase any 60ml+ of their fragrance either EDT or EDP. Now I don't know what the shoe box looks like but I'm positive it will be Jimmy Choo's standard. You read here first. Haha

Wrap Maxi Skirts:Toke Makinwa Inspired.

So I was on Toke's Blog today where she did a post on this look. She wrote that the skirt is priced at N9000 and immediately my LPS finds came to mind hence, I decided to share it with you. Both skirts were priced at £55 but currently on sale and way cheaper than Miss Makinwa's. 

Click to see my finds and please share your thoughts. I had the green one but my crazy friend snatched it from me. Seeing Toke's pic now, I am so tempted in ordering another one.

See What London Babes are rocking.

Let me know if you see any item that you like

Blogger's OOTD Pick:Ms Sole

Featuring on Blogger's OOTD Pick is gorgeous Ms Sole of Love, Life and Pearls Blog. How cool is this picture? The entire outfit is well put together and we are giving this look 10/10. Well done babes. Check her out Here

New online finds.

So I came across this clothing site and I am loving their collections so far. My only but is the length of the dress but I'm sure you will like them especially the 5 foot plus ladies. If you are not a fan of mini clothes, then this post is not for you. Another plus is their prices are very OK. Two of my selection on this post is currently on sale for £5!!! (I know you will like that). Anyway click to continue and let me know what you think. 

Celebrant of the day.

Happy Birthday to my very own Dr Shakirat Akinola. LPS very own OBO (Omo Baba Olowo) Let me tell you a little story about her. Met her in high school (ISI) 1996. We were seat mates for 3 years. She was my partner in crime gists. (say the truth, we all had one back then) and also in books( she is what we call efico) We both graduated in 1999 before she took off to the states for her plenty degrees. Now she is a medical doctor and I call her my love doctor because she can teach you some stuff on #Lips sealed. Hahaha.

I am now officially her Personal Shopper. How cool is that? I could go on and on but kindly join me in wishing this beautiful lady a very happy super fab birthday. Love you plenty my wonderful Ahlaja. Click to see more pics. 


Aldo Must See Bargain

So Aldo sent me this alert of extra 30%  off all sale item. If you miss this you are obviously on the longest thing. Btw time wasters please back off!!! You know yourselves.

In other news, I got my ticket to the AY show on the 25th. Yeahhhh!!!! Will bring you pictures, I promise.

Perfect Christmas Presents (Ladies)

Mac has launched some fabulous gift packs for the ladies.  Guys get it for your babe and Ladies, refer your man to this blog for that perfect xmas gift for you. Click to see more. I absolutely love the packaging.

Perfect Christmas Present (Kids)

Hello everyone. So I got some of these items for my Niece since it's her first Christmas ever. They are really cute and makes a prefect present for your little ones. Click to see more. Btw they are very affordable as well. Price ranges from £5
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