Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dami Moet rocks Asos Envelope Bag

Fellow blog mate & London Chic,Dami rocking her clutch bag. The bag is really a good buy that I actually got one for myself as well. Which outfit do you prefer the bag with? Well done mate. Love both outfit max!


Hey peeps! How are you all doing today? So I finally got my MacBook Pro and I can confirm to you it was love at first sight. I was so excited that I forgot to log out of my Facebook page at the store and trust those britico children! They sure had a field day posting nonsense on my page that I started getting calls and pings asking if my brain was still intact.

So this is my first post using my new baby( is good I tell you) Hope the post is looking as posh as my baby?haha! 

In other gist, I bumped into Bimbo Akintola in Marks & Spencer store today and trust me when I say her basket was full with loads of bargain. Do not say I told you. We ended up getting the same bus home (yes LPS do buses as well hehe) 

Anywayz, I'm going back to my tutorial. I must make good use of this machine. Catch you all later


LPS Buy of the Day

I just placed order for these gorgeous looking blouses and I'm seriously hoping and praying the sleeve fits cos I will be so sad if otherwise.Two things attracted me to these items: the folded bib detailing and the colour(yellow). Can't wait to rock.

Btw, I missed the AFWL event. *sad face*Thanks to my not 'interested friends' They promised we go see the Basket Mouth Show coming up next week as compensation.hehehe Hope I will be in the mood then. 

Massive thanks to all my lovely blog addicts. Have a beautiful Sunday. 

And the winner is..?

Who smashed it?

More LPS finds

 Happy Sunday! Check out more fantastic finds for you! Enjoy!!! Click for more
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