Wednesday, 12 September 2012

LPS New motto :-)

Gbam!!! Shopping Justified! hehehe

Ultimo new premium lingerie range hits Harrods

Don't be discouraged about the Harrods title. They are quite affordable trust me.(light cough) Click to see more designs! All my single ladies, these are what you should ask your friends to get you for your hens nights. lol..On this post, I say a happy night rest to all my loyal visitors. Sweet dreams y'all

More LPS Buys

These are more dress orders from Labo Daniels (LPS Customer)and I would like to share what she wrote in her email to me. ''....Also this is my last order for the year oh. Need to start saving up for my children's Harvard degree I cannot shout'' Hilarious babe!

New Arrivals:Pencil Dress

One of my lovely customer ordered this pencil dress today and I decided to share it in the various colours available. I also added two other fabric for your viewing / shopping pleasure. Click to see more. If you were to chose one or two what will it be? I love the Navy blue and Teal colour the most. The Floral print dress is not bad though but not so sure if I would be rocking.

Pick your Fave:Style Inspiration

These two outfits are definition of a super chic babe. Love! Love!! Love!!! Except the Zara Black bag though. The number of School girls carrying this bag in London is alarming. More or less part of their curriculum. lol

Soraya rocks Charlotte Olympia Wedge

Soooo Cute. Still available at Harrods for £735. Quite affordable expensive? But seriously let me ask you this.What's the most expensive Shoe you have ever rocked in your life? The last time I bought a pair of boots for £150, I knew the amount of Cassava flakes (Garri) I drank for 1 mouth! hehehehe My blogmate needs to  show us the way or what do you think? We too wanna be bigz girl right?

Look of the day:Dee

Meet my fellow colleague Dee doing justice to the Red!!! So in love with her entire look..Rocked something similar to the Basketmouth comedy show few weeks back that I had to get another Dip back sleeveless shirt from Dorothy Perkins due to loads of compliments I received. OK,will have to start posting pictures of my outfits soon so relax guys, I'm coming out!!!

Btw, Dee is also a personal shopper / stylist and I love the way she calls Primark as Primax! Sounds cool right?

Pick your fave..

Imagine all of these in your closet huh?
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