Friday, 6 April 2012

So ladies how about it, pyjamas trend anyone?

Yes you read that right, it’s spring here in London, and pyjama are trending their way into our spring wardrobes. Now whilst we defy all things floral and pastel-y (so basically spring wear) we are not convinced that donning our PJs is a suitable alternative. RiRi pulled this look off for me though but seriously what do you guys think? Are you confident enough to pull this trend off? I really wanna read your comments. ;-)

So if you wanna give this trend a try, here are some few tips:

Take a cue from this styled crew and avoid flat footwear — anything like a ballet flat or flat sandal is going to look like a house slipper. Elevate the style with a pair of sexy heels to contrast the easy silhouettes and give them a dressier spin.

Don't be afraid to add interest with a jacket. A sparkly blazer finishes the whole look with a touch of glamour to offset the more casual feel of a PJ top and trousers.

If you're too timid to try both the pajama top and bottom, channel the look by opting for one piece at a time. You can add your pajama bottoms to a fitted tank and wedges for an elegant day look or throw on the pajama jacket with skinny jeans and heels at night


Types of Body Shapes
Everyone’s body is made differently so instead of trying to look like someone else start to feel confident with yourself and find a style that will complement your shape. To help you we have put together a useful guide to buying clothes for your body shape so you can figure out what suits you.

Athletic – An athletic build is an ideal shape and you can just about wear anything. Be careful though, this does not mean that you go overboard and try and mix too many trends all at once.

Hourglass - This is where the bust and hips are in proportion, and there is a defined waistline. However, if your waist is small and your hips curvy then it is important not to draw too much attention to the waist area as it will make your hips look even larger. Cropped jackets look great or slightly looser tops that don’t cling tightly to the waist.

Big hips – If you have big hips then flatter the figure with wide leg trousers in dark colours this will make you look taller and will take the attention away from the hips. Tailored pieces with a great cut are ideal for minimising the appearance of big hips.

Top heavy – Minimise you assets by wearing scooped or V-necks. Avoid high necklines and polo necks this will simply accentuate your 'top half'.

Pear-shaped – A Pear shaped body is where your hips are wider than your shoulders. In order to achieve a proportionate balance you should invest in a pair of straight legged trousers or A-line skirts teamed with loose fitting tops. Dresses with an empire line are great for the pear shaped body. Accentuate your bust area with low necklines or accessorise with a scarf and beads as this will draw the attention away from the hip area.

Apple-shaped - Apple-shaped bodies are larger on top and smaller below. People with this shape often have a short neck and it is important to make the neck look longer by wearing tops with a v-neckline. Avoid anything figure hugging as this will only draw attention to your waist. Wide legged trousers or flared skirts look great on Apple Shaped bodies.

Straight body - This body shape has no defined waist so avoid high waisted clothes and belts. Instead, clothes with a dropped waist are ideal or a wrap dress. Accentuate other areas of your body such as the bust and legs as this will draw the attention away from the waistline.

Arms and legs – Arm and legs can be troublesome areas when buying clothes. Take a long hard look at your upper arms. If your upper arms are flabby then wear three-quarter or half-length sleeve shirts and tops this will stop you feeling self-conscious. Long lean legs will suit any style of skirt but if you are unsure what skirt will suit just remember that a skirt should end just above the slimmest part of your leg.

Must-have’s for your shape
Flatter your figure with our guide to the ultimate must-have’s for your body shape.

Curves - Curves need to be shown off so don’t hide underneath baggy clothes, you need to flaunt it: Invest in a pair of tailored trousers that will elongate you legs teamed with a fitted jacket which will polish off the look perfectly. Corsets and pencil skirts are a great way to accentuate the waist area.

Tall and slim – Most trends will look great on this type of figure but there are a few fashion faux pas that you have to stay away from. For instance, if you are flat chested then stay away from low cut tops. Skinny jeans are ideal for this shape teamed with a pair of heels for the night or ballet shoes for the day. Most tops will look great on this shape and you can even wear horizontal stripes as this will help to minimise your torso area.

Petite – It is important to find the right fit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match from the petite and standard range to get your ideal look. Dark colours are great for the petite frame as this helps to make you look taller. Fitted tops are great to create a slim silhouette teamed with a pair of tailored trousers and kitten heel boots the look is simply great. Above-the-knee skirts and dresses suit the petite frame and are a great way to show off those legs.

Pear shaped – A great shape for showing off your bust area. Try corset style tops, tailored jackets, a halterneck dress and A-line skirts. The wrap dress is also key for this shape as it is a great solution for different sized tops and bottoms.

Useful tips
  • Look in the mirror and get to know your body. Everyone is different so feel confident with your body shape and the right clothes will enhance your confidence.

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