Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Onyx Hair.

Let your Hair do the talking..contact details in banner

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LPS Customer spotted rocking her buy.

Another happy client! Who is next?


One of my high school mate sent this to our Blackberry group few minutes ago

Are you 25 years and above?
Do you have a valid ID card?
Can you speak English and any other language?
Are you looking for a 9am - 3pm job with a monthly salary of £80,000 and a weekly allowance of N10,000?
No working during the weekends and you only have to work half day on Fridays?

If you are interested in this job....Continue reading after the cut.

Question of the day.

Does this outfit makes sense? Please share your thoughts

Celebrity Style Review.

What's your take guys! Some one said 'she looks like a Nurse' and another said 'too much white, maybe she should have worn Nude shoes'. Me Like!!!!
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