Monday, 29 July 2013

Church Flow:The Zara Story

The title of my story is the 'Patient Dog'.

When this jacket came out at the beginning of the year, it was love at first sight with the jacket but not with the price tag (£79.99) so I automatically fell out of love with the jacket

Fast forward to 5 months later. On Friday, after work, I had some returns to do in Zara so I went into the Bond street store. Lo & behold the first thing that caught my attention was this my ex-love.I QUICKLY checked the price tag even before the available sizes. I was shocked with my mouth wide opened when I saw £29.99. I said to myself this must be a store error so I went over to the till, swiped my card in and tad-dah it wasn't an error. You need to see the smile on my face. 50 good pounds off this master piece!!! This is officially my bargain for the month.

Dear Zara, if you can read this post, may God continue to bless you forever. Can I hear a resounding Amen!!! hehehe. Rocked it to church yesterday and I felt like a gbogbo biz girl. lol. Hope you like the look?

Any comments about my fufu bump won't be published ..#OKBye

LPS Recent order

These are the recent buys for my clients that I really love. Enjoy! More after the cut.

Guess the designer

Can you guess the designer?

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