Thursday, 22 March 2012

Apple's Newest Baby!

OK peeps am sure you all know by now that the Almighty Apple store has launched the 3rd Generation iPad last week Friday. Seriously, you need to see the queue out side the Oxford street store. It was crazy!!! So like the sweet girl that I've always been (big grin), I decided to help those of you that might be interested in the new Apple device get it conveniently without having to pay some ridiculous amount in 9ja. Below are the package from me to you with love and this price includes shipping to Lagos Nigeria. The iPad 2 price is now reduced so if that is what you are interested in then give me a buzz. They are both available in black and white and more details for you below.Catch you guys later.


Connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi networks.

16GB £480
32GB £560
64GB £740

Wi-Fi + 4G

Connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi and fast mobile data networks.

16GB £580
32GB £660
64GB £740

Limited Warranty

Every iPad comes with complimentary telephone technical support for 90 days from your iPad purchase date and a one-year limited warranty

What’s the difference in storage sizes?

iPad comes in three storage sizes: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The term ‘GB’ stands for gigabytes. The more gigabytes you have, the more content you can store on your iPad — apps, HD videos, films, photos, books, magazines and more. If, for example, you have a large music library or you frequently download HD films, it’s a good idea to consider an iPad with a larger storage capacity. If you have a relatively small music or photo library or rarely make or buy films, an iPad with a smaller capacity may be better for you. Of course, over time you will accumulate many things on your iPad, so you’ll want to think about how your storage needs may evolve.

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