Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fashion Zoo

These jumpers are super cute and I can't wait to grab my hands on them. Some are ridiculously over priced (£1,590 for one of the Burberry designs) I mean who pays that??? Kim Kardashian of cause!!!lol 
Click to see more and let me know your pick.You never can tell, it might just be my gift to you for Christmas.#OKbye

Touch of Leo.

These shoes are hot! Yay or Nay. Available to order. Landing cost to Lagos Nigeria is N22,000. Other locations available on request.

Print-tas-tic Finds

These are Prints pieces that I found online. Click to see more. Prices from £30. My fave is the floral short.

Affordable Bags

One of my BB customers has been on my case for bags. Now these selections are very affordable but looks super expensive. The highest price is £60 and lowest price is £25. Click to see more and tell me what you think.

Photo of the Day: Beyoncé & Ivy Blue

Awwww..Motherhood & daughterhood sure agrees with them two. So cute!!! She shared this photo today wishing the world a Happy Thanksgiving Day.Loving the Blue signature.

Btw is that Ankara print on Baby Blue? 

100,000 Pageview

Hooray!!! LPS blog hit 100,000 pageviews in 9 months!!! We did it guys and am so excited. Just in perfect time for Thanksgiving.

A massive thank you to everyone and most importantly to my slowly growing community of commenters (of which nollywoodreinvented is currently the leader) You guys are amazing. Your comments is the life blood of this blog.

Thank you to all my Blog, Twitter and Facebook page followers. You guys are the best. I love you all to the moon and back.

All my LPS dolls, (you know your selves) can't find the right words at the moment to thank you enough for believing in me. You all rock my world & of course my bank account too (huge winks). Thank you for your orders and most importantly your referrals. I am eternally grateful.

For 9 months now, this cute blog has been my best mate and to see you read & drop your comments is one of the best feelings in the www.

I hope this blog has been of great solution to your foreign shopping needs & improved your rocking skills. Thank you so much guys and Happy Thanksgiving America!!!

Celebrant of the Day.

She is hawt! She is sexy & beautiful, She is Bola Saka
Join me in wishing my very own friend a tremendous Happy Birthday. I won't bore you with long write up about my buddy but one thing I know is, this lady is very special and has a heart of Gold. Love her to the moon and back. 
Click to see more of my hawt friend's pics. Can't wait to hook up for birthday dinner later.
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