Thursday, 22 November 2012

Celebrant of the Day.

She is hawt! She is sexy & beautiful, She is Bola Saka
Join me in wishing my very own friend a tremendous Happy Birthday. I won't bore you with long write up about my buddy but one thing I know is, this lady is very special and has a heart of Gold. Love her to the moon and back. 
Click to see more of my hawt friend's pics. Can't wait to hook up for birthday dinner later.


  1. Happy Birthay Blinky :-)!

  2. is she married? I need omo pupa for my brother oh..She is hawt and pretty.hbd Bolanle

  3. i love her smile and earrings..hbd

  4. I know her in Christ Embassy Bermondsey where both of you do tatafo all through the service.I thot she was your sister and I have not been seeing you in church lately madame LPS

  5. Lol@church member

  6. She has a good heart n
    Very generous,wishing u more happy years!


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