Sunday, 17 February 2013

Will you be my Valentine by Sharondawillis

Will you be my Valentine?
Kindly ignore the question and focus on the What are your thoughts please? For price details , click on the picture and it will give you all the details.

Kurt Geiger Order

I just got this order for Kurt Geiger. Shoes available in other colours which you can see after the cut.

Silver or Gold?

How gorgeous are these? Found them online going for £20 each. Was £40 and they have only one left of each. What are your thoughts?

Introducing the Cambridge Satchel Company

OK I know some of us love our Zara bags to the core but it's my pleasure to introduce these stylish collections by The Cambridge Satchel Company. If you are looking for the most stylish cross body bags for your closet, look no further. This should be your final bus stop. They come in amazing colours and sizes (11'' 12'' 13'' 14'' & 15'') and the collections includes The Designer which is my favourite (first picture above) The Classic, The Batchel etc. Check their website out and see loads of options there. More pictures after the cut

Just Ordered.

I ordered these recently. More when you continue.

Valentine's Day outfit: Roses are red The TARDIS is blue

Hello lovely people! Who missed me?hehehe Ok I must admit I have been quite busy with clients order hence the lack of updates. Though still busy, I decided to share my Val's day work outfit with you guys. In this post, I was wearing a super hot jumper from Topshop and Zara lace pant in red! My camera did not do this pants justice at all, so I have uploaded a closer view of the pants from the internet. Not that it matters though because pants are long sold out in stores but I heard it's available on eBay.  One more picture after the cut.
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