Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Wish list

Nothing to say other than these pieces are presently in my wish list. May all of them come through.:) Click to see more

Just Ordered.

Brocade & Metallic Blazer

Lately I'm falling in love with Brocade fabric which obviously are right on trend for winter. The gold metallic blazer is so gorgeous that I began to create an outfit in my head on my way home and this is what I came up with. 
I added the mini skirt for that fun & flirty girly look and these platforms will be a perfect naked weapon just in case some guys are trying to trespass (hehehe)  A pair of fabulous tights will definitely complete the look. (now that depends on your location).

These outfit can be worn for your girls night out or even your office christmas-do. So tell me what you think of my outfit and the good news is, all items available for you to order now!!!

Question of the day.

What do these celebs have in common? Click to see answer

Chanel textured mini dress:Who wore it best

Naomie Harris (left) vs Jessica Biel (right)

Giuseppe Zanotti Collection

Click to see more. These are definitely YOLO (you only live once) buys. Let me save you the stress. The least price here is £596.25. Like seriously why the 25 pence on the price tag. What's your pick assuming your rich hubs is buying one for you? #smiles

Btw, Guiseppe Zanotti is an Italian designer. Like someone asked, why is that Italians makes the world sexiest shoes? 

Bad Girl Rihanna

Rihanna was spotted in London Westfield recently all stripped out. Yay or Nay? The Jacket & lip colour is so on point. Now searching for my own cobalt blue pieces.

Celebrity Style Review:Nikki Minaj

Yay or Nay? iLove. Click to see individual pieces

Style Comparison.

Outfit 1 or 2?

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