Monday, 3 December 2012

Squires Buka Outing

So I wrote earlier that if I get 5 comments in my previous post, I'll post our buka outing pics yesterday. Well,we got 8 comments so here we go guys. The name of the Place is Squires Restaurant located in Canning Town. They sell authentic west african food at affordable prices. (that I can testify to be honest)

The only but is that there is no enough room between the diners and the service was not too exciting as the waiter that served us felt he was doing us a big favour by giving us some real african local food.

Now to the food itself which obviously was the reason  why we were there. Their food is Delish!!! The last time I ate Amala was in 2009 and seeing it yesterday in that massive white bowl made me do some Komole moves. See pics after the cut.

Blogger's OOTD

Hey guys! How was the weekend? Mine was super fun. Did a movie with crew on Friday at the cinemas and Abula (Nigerian dish made up of Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri and assorted meat) on Sunday. Not sure if you want to see pics of the outing on Sunday but if I get 5 comments on this post, I will post the pictures for your viewing pleasure. 

Featuring on the OOTD is beautiful Dee who says 'Style is not about the Label but how you put things together' So true babe!!! Don't think she has a blog though but her style is really cool and the way she rocks Primark (she calls it Primax) is amazing. Her dress here is £20 but she made it look more. Love her styling and am so happy to feature her on LPS blog.Check her Facebook page Here

What's your verdict on her outfit?

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