Friday, 22 February 2013

Christian Louboutin Order.

Yeahh..We have graduated from Zara & Primark orders to some serious Red sole thingz. Somebody praise master Jesus!!! lol. Sent this to Nigeria today for a bride's traditional wedding. Hot or Not?

Zara vs Prada

So I was at the Zara store yesterday to do some emergency shopping for a client. On getting there, I did  not see the office city bag on the shelves so I decided to ask the store assistant. Sadly, I did not remember the name of the bag at that time so the lady asked me to describe it for her. Before I could finish my description she said 'oh the prada bag' I was like ' No I mean Zara black bag' She laughed and replied 'I know what you mean madam, but we all call it Prada in our store because Zara copied the style from Prada' Was I surprised? No!!! They all steal each other designs. lol

Now back to the post. Zara bag £49.99, Prada £1290. Which one do you prefer? Be honest!!!

Zara Buy.

Love me some Zara! Yes Lord to these princess. At £49.99, Zara can never go wrong. Click to see more 

Pregnant Kim Kardashian rocks Monochrome.

Yay or Nay? Someone is getting bigger and bigger by the day. 

In other news, is it worth it to pay £96 to see Beyounce's concert in April? Please advice your girl!

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