Friday, 22 February 2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian rocks Monochrome.

Yay or Nay? Someone is getting bigger and bigger by the day. 

In other news, is it worth it to pay £96 to see Beyounce's concert in April? Please advice your girl!


  1. Oh yes she is getting way bigger. Her arms are now very flabby. I wish her safe delivery.

  2. Abeg she is pregnant(which one is she is gettinbig).free the babe.

  3. Did u get the ticket or not?because it was all snapped up under 5min online when it was released.
    Methinks Bey is worth it.She exudes class &grace +her stage performance is wowzer!
    So my dear if u had the money,just go for it!

    1. Thanks babes. Yes I got the ticket. Can't wait *big grin*

    2. @ann 22:39, I'm so sure u are that same anno who comment shits here.By d way, must ppl talk wit all their mouth wide opened? FYI,all bloggers must funkize their write-ups else,dey seems boring. @she's pregnant!!! So flat and shabby *okbye* kharis


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