Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So guys, this is it! I will be officially off for 6days. If I can, I'll blog from Barcelona, else will share all the fun in pictures when I'm back. Don't miss me too much. You can take the next 6 days to browse through older posts, I'm positive you will find something interesting. Thank you all for your support so far. You all are amazing.

Kisses & Hugs


Jumpsuit Parade.

Left to right : Kristen Bell, Rachel Zoe, Shailene Woodley

Left to right: Vanessa Hudgens, Katharine McPhee, Elizabeth Banks, Milla Jovovich, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Stone

...and the winner is?

Celebrity Style Review:Nicole S

Yay or Nah? Loving the heels and lip colour more. 

Strange Cupcake

Ladies, would you eat this cup cake if served? Reminds me of a  Ice Prince's song 'Take Banana'.haha

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