Saturday, 25 February 2012

Naked iPad 2???

This will be 5th and last post for the day. Seriously! I must stop blogging for the day after this because hey, it's past my bed time and I have to be in church tomorrow. Now back to the topic, I have got this Luxury Quilted iPad 2 pouch for sale. The unique feature of this pouch is the Chanel look effect and its available in 9 lovely and summery colours. Honestly guys, you need to see this pouch to appreciate what am talking about. So get your naked iPad cover!!! For enquiries on how to get yours drop me an email. Corporate bodies, this will be a perfect branded gift for your esteemed customers. Don't wait cos limited version only available! It's been a gorgeous day today. I enjoyed every minute spent on  this blog today and I hope you have fun reading. Have a fab night  My bendy rollers is calling! Hey! Don't be late to Church tomorrow!


Zara's Newest Kid on the Block!!!

Hey guyz

Guess what? Zara has a new trendy shopper basket which I honestly think I should let you know as a bargain scout. I was at the west end yesterday and I popped into Zara for window shopping (as usual :-D)and I could not help but get my self one of this bag. This bag does the every day office job and am so loving it right now and the price is so affordable ...Only £39.99 Check it out. For more bags please click on the link

Shopper Basket Available in Tan and Black £39.99

A Week In BritPopPrincess 'WORK' Wardrobe!!!!! Edited post

Hello people,Hope your day was fab!? Mine was busy and cray as usual. Just wanna share one of my favourite youtube Nigerian BritPopPrincess video with you all. This babes is fun to watch and in this video,she shares her work wardrobe. Have fun people and sleep tight!!!xoxo

Killer Heels That Don't Kill - Cherly Cole Unveils first shoe Collection

Hey Guys,

For those of you that don't know, Cheryl Cole now has her own shoe line and believe me there are really affordable! Check them out. Price range for £79 - £119

Interested? Send me an email

Hot To Trot £79.90

Your Royal Hotness in blush £79.90

Ri-Ri £119.85 ( This was named after her girl crush Rihanna)

Freak Le Chic £119.85

Glam Slam £79.90 (No thank you)

Your Royal Hotness in midnight noir £79.90

Accessories Worth Living for-Babi Online

Hey Guys,

Did you notice the title of this post didn't read ....worth dying for? Well I prefer to live and wear mine rather than die for it! hahaha..Just a silly joke. During the week I came across this site Babi online and am impressed with their collections and you can get something simple yet classy for as low as £3! Yeah you read right. 3 quid!

Babi online is a UK based independent accessory boutique. They have a lovely wide range of products from Jewellery such as vintage necklaces, retro earring and kitsch (whatever this means ;-)rings. In summary, Babi online is unique and a lil of everything. Check out my picks and to browse the online store, visit. Happy Browsing!!!

Vinatge Floral Bangle with Pink flowers £4
This Gold etched chunky cuff bangle makes a great statement piece of jewellery. £6

Hot Lips Rhinestone Lip Retro Ring. Pucker up, this gorgeous ring is decorated with gorgeous ruby, red, and clear rhinestone crystals. £8

Vinatge Chunky Silver Bangle £8    More pictures when you click

VB's Inspired

Hey guys,

Apologies for the lack of posts for the past 7 days and for some strange reasons I'm re-posting this again as my laptop is definitely not used to blogging.

Earlier on today I did a post on Victoria Beckham and what your favourite celeb wore for the just concluded London Fashion Week but since the post disappeared I have decided to just talk about VB.

Honestly speaking I love this look and I am ready to pay $1000 for this dress right now... Just hope the likes of Long Tall Sally which happens to be one of my favourite store will do something fast and bring out this look our high street. What's your take on this guys? As for me, I love every single detail of this dress. Share your opinion?

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