Wednesday, 8 August 2012

AFWL 2012 Adebayo Jones Collections

I kind of like some of these collections because they are ready to wear. Check them out and share your thoughts please. By fire by force, If Jesus tarries, I must be at the 2013 edition. Can I hear I resounding Amen? 

Good night peeps.


Photos:African Fashion Week London 2012

Like I wrote in my previous post , I missed the AFWL show last weekend due to the fact that none of my friends were interested in going with me. 

Well, I managed to see the runaway pictures (please don't ask me how) lol and I want us review the collections. Some of them are nice and are ready to wear but for some, I am not so sure where they want me to rock them to if I decide to buy. Check pics out and share your thoughts. More coming soon. Stay blogged in.:-)

Get the look for less.

Joseline Hernandez, a Hollywood star (picture above) was spotted rocking a $79 leggings recently but I was very convinced I have seen the look alike of her leggings in one of my store visits for a whole lot less. After searching my archives, I finally found it. So here we go ladies...get the look for £23. Hope you like?

Find of the day

No price has been fixed yet. Will let you know once the store conclude cost price.

So you think you can guess?

Guess who? 

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