Saturday, 28 April 2012

Red Carpet Inspired.

Do you have a red carpet event and kind of thinking what to wear to make heads turn..? Check this post out then. Available now in various stores! 

Work wear inspired.

Just some fabulous work wear ideas peeps. Enjoy!!!J

One year after...

Hey guys,
How was your week and thank God it's Friday!!! So this weekend, Sunday the 29th of April precisely, the whole of United Kingdom will be celebrating with Prince William and Kate on their  one year anniversary. Amazing how one year went so fast. One major joy for me last year was that it was a work free day and I wish that would continue every year. LPS is wishing the most humble UK couple many more years of joy and happiness.The fourth picture is Kate-a-like dress and its available if you fancy the Duchess style :)

LPS Customers Buys!

OK Guy back to my normal stuff and not some almost naked pictures of Kayne West! lol..Lately I have been very busy doing what I know how to do best; Shopping! Shopping!! Shopping!!!  and trust me when I say shopping in the rain is not fun at all. By the way, its been raining forever for the past 10 days now and the weather forecast shows its going to be like this for one month! So if you are planning to come to London for holidays, best you postpone your trip else you are OYO. I will be posting random pictures of customers purchases for your view and let me know if you like! Enjoy!!! More pics coming..

LMFAO!!! Photo of the Day

Hey guys, I don't do gossip but can't help myself than to post this. This is absolutely ridiculous. Am still laughing out loud. Check picture below. Seriously can't he afford a proper belt or is that the new trend now...? *BBM Covered face*

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