Sunday, 26 August 2012

Inspired by.....

My Lagos client created this picture for me and since I uploaded  it on my blackberry, 6 customers placed their orders for the dress. So I ask,what do you think inspired the purchase? hehehe

Many thanks to Tosin for the picture. Dress available for £31

Coloured pants

These are my latest personal buys. Can't wait to rock. Let me know if your are interested especially if you are 6''2 like moi! *Wink* 

My New Bag Crush

Beyoncé vs Jeimy: Who rocked it best!

Yeah we all know Bey but am going with Jeimy for a job well done!!!

Back to School Buys

Here is what my lovely customer, mother of 2 ordered for her kids today. That's why LPS services rocks! We take the stress off mothers!;-) Click for more.
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