Monday, 10 June 2013

UK Used Phones.

So I get loads of requests regarding UK used phones from customers all the time. The thing is I used to be an eBay addict but for some reasons, I just chilled a bit. Now I have decided to get my eBay spirit back on and since the requests for used phones keeps coming in, I guess it's the right time to start channelling my energy in that direction.  

Up for grabs is this Blackberry Bold 9900 (selling for £109.99) which I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not because I am not into phones like that. All you need to know about the phone can be found here 

If you have any particular phone in mind please let me know so I can check for you. Sadly I won't be able to bid for you because there are penalties if you win a bid and you don't pay. So I will be concentrating on 'buy now only'. 

Lastly, please note that eBay purchases is not only restricted to Used Phones. Like I always tell my people, all you need to do is just ask me if I can get it for you.

Beyoncé rocks £36 complete Topshop outfit

Queen Bey was spotted rocking stripe on stripe for Kanye West birthday party over the weekend. The top sold at £14 and skirt £22. The pieces were cleared off Topshop immediately the pictures came online. What do you expect? The size 14 of the skirt is still available as I type but don't be surprised that it will be sold out in the next second. The burnt orange heels just completes this outfit for me. 

Well-done Bey! We love the high street buys on you. How I wish Topshop will use their common sense which is not common to restock these pieces. Trust my Igbo brothers!!!hehe

Harrods Order.

The cute tote bag is originally £225. With the 30% off the buy paid £157.5 saving £67.5 (the price of another Zara bag) Wise shopper. Bag yay or Nay? Don't forget the sale will end on Thursday and they have it on selected bags from all your favourite designers. Log on to Click to see more

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