Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5,35 inches high heels

So just in case there are more ladies out there who loves their extra inches high heels, this post is for you. Click for more 5'' plus finds. All available in stores.

Christian Louboutin Lookalike

Just placed this order now for a newbie customer (her first time with me) She called me this evening to place the order and I must say she has a sweet voice (I'm serious) One thing she said that caught my attention was 3.5'' heels are very very low for her *surprised face smiley* Like seriously? The shoe above is 4'' and one striking thing about the shoe is the Louboutin Pigalle Spikes look it comes with excluding the red sole.

Click to see more

Kate Spade :Pick your Fave

Pink or Black? I want both pairs. #Oliver

Just ordered

Hey everyone! Hope your day was cool. Just got in to place this order. Click to see to more pics. The beach jumpsuit is so on point. Available only in size UK10

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