Saturday, 29 September 2012

LPS Buys..

Just placed orders for all these items. The male stuvs are parts of my 34 Birthday Gifts which we are almost through with. The pictures of the other buys were not co-operative enough for me to download on this blog  but most of the buys are under wears from Marks and Spencer.  Click to see more. Can't wait to see the red bag when it arrives. Might be grabbing one for myself.

Primark Limited Edition Collection AW12

Click to see more. What do you think of the collection?

Debbie & Fegor's Wedding ( A Story Of Love)

This was the wedding that took place at my church last weekend. Love the whole video and decided to share with you all to see how we rock it in London. Enjoy!!!See if you know someone.

LPS is wishing the couple a blissful marriage. 

LPS Finds

Click to see more

London Street Style Fashion

Click to see more.

Just Landed in store:Bags!!!

 Click to see more

Simi Osomo features on ES:Nigerians are becoming big spenders.

Hello people! Hope your week was great? Yesterday after work, I stopped by at Waterloo station to grab my free copy of Evening Standards Newspaper before catching my train home. Flipping through the pages, I came across the caption: £30,000 a year addiction to Nigerians are becoming big spenders! Trust the 9ja spirit in me, I began reading with keen interest. Click to read more..
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