Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Dress Edit

So these are the dress pick for you. Click to see more and if you want the price for any of the items, leave a comment in the comment box. I promise to reply (cross my heart) Click to see more

Introducing Zara Bowling Bag with strap


How is everyone doing?
I know I deserve several slaps for not blogging but please guys, hear me out. I moved house and up till now I still don't have a house or Internet connection but all is well. Let me not bore you with the story of my life :-)

Back to the matter (in wizkid's voice) Let me introduce to you like good old days a Zara bag that you shouldn't miss. I got this for a customer on Tuesday and it was love at first sight. Zara obviously nailed it with this bag. The price is right (£40) and the colour is black! Every babe deserves a solid everyday black bag and this is not to be missed. Click to see more pictures.

Just to say a 'Huge Thank You' to everyone that checked on me. You guys are amaze-ball. Someone left a comment on my last post saying maybe I'm now married and hubby banned me from blogging. That made me LoL for days. I am very active on Instagram though so can follow me @londonpersonalshopper

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