Saturday, 14 July 2012

DIY:Colour Block Thread Bracelet by MsStarStyles

Look of the Day:African Prints.

Meet Aghogho the Fashionista. She rocks an African print dress and clutch bag designed & made by herself!Love it Max! Btw, African prints is really going places. Nice job babe!What do you think ladies?She is hot Yes?

Fashion Face-off

And the winner is...?

Meet Kalif from Houston

Kalif is hawt! He's got swag & a big thing for sox, portfolio and suspenders. He aspires to be a fashion stylist/wardrobe consultant. Kalif runs his own fashion campaign 'Keep The Swag Alive'. So what do you think? Will you patronise him as a stylist! Way to go Kalif, I dig your style!!!You are sure keeping the swag alive 

Photos:See What Brits are rocking.

Give your rainy day look more style and fierceness with this stylish Wellington boot.

Hey guys! Happy weekend!Did anyone missed me yesterday? I'm sure you didn't even notice my absence. Anyways thank God for weekends! What are your plans? I have a wedding to attend today and I can't wait to see the lovely bride! So a client was hard on me to get  her a stylish boot in Nigeria due to the flood sessions and I am like huh?!!! Wellies boot in Naija ke!!!But when I saw the amount of pings from her on a daily basis I had no choice to swing into action! So this is what I found. What do you all think? Now there are cuter ones but I was working on a very tight budget and trust me when I say these boots are seriously affordable. The thing I like about it is very trendy with the contrast design on the soles. They are available in UK size 3-8. More styles when you continue. She chose the blue and the red. They are so cute and also slip resistance. Let me know if you fancy one!
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