Saturday, 26 October 2013

Just Arrived-Dress Edit

Ted Baker £119

Another Dress Edit post for your shopping/viewing pleasure. I'm sure we all agree that Ted Baker stands out among the lot. Click to see more and let me know which one you are drooling over. 

Shoe Game

Net-A-Porter £415

Which of these would you rock?

Click to see more

Bargain-Office Jelly Loafers

Hi Guys!!! It's been a min. Hope you all are well? Well it's Saturday and all I want to do today is stay in bed but alas my people, I am helping a friend with her wedding shopping today in Finsbury Park .
Anyways, one of LPS dolls sent me her order yesterday and I decided to share with you all. The Jelly loafer is a bargain. Depending on the colour you want, prices are between £8-£10 (was £28)
Click for more pictures. The next picture after the cut is £5. Like seriously, this is def a bargain. Let me know your thought on the Jelly Loafers.
More sale bargain on

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Topshop mid-season sale.

Most of the high street stores are now doing their mid-season sales and Topshop just launched theirs yesterday. I am in love with these Animal crest tee which is currently on sale for £5 (was £18) Loads of bargains on there so don't dull yourself guys. Log on here

The Sheer Detail


Zara has some lovely sheer detail dresses that you should see. My only problem with them is they all come in black. I know every lady needs a LBD (little black dress) but it would have been more fun if they were available in other colours. Click to see more and the good thing is there are all between £39.99 - £49.99 only. Fair price no?

The Saturdays' Rochelle Humes rocks Zara

Like they say, 'Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication' Love the whole look. What do you think? Complete outfit is available on

Monday, 14 October 2013

New in stores

These are fresh pieces that landed in high street stores this week. As usual my always lead the way. Personally , I think the velvet dress on the left by Ted Baker will make a good aso ebi if rocked properly since the velvet fever is catching 99.9% of Naija aso-ebi trends. What do you guys think?

Click to see more pieces. More coming your way soon-ish.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Leopard Print.

Leopard print is one of the biggest trend that just won't go out of style in a long time. Here are some of the hottest pieces in stores right now. Click to view more. 

Recent Skirts order

Some of the recent skirts order from my gorgeous clients. Love the first two personally. Click to see more. 

Bag it up.

Happy Sunday Dolls

If you love good bags as much as I do, then click to see more of the satchels, totes and clutches in this post. Which one is your fave?

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Dress Edit

So these are the dress pick for you. Click to see more and if you want the price for any of the items, leave a comment in the comment box. I promise to reply (cross my heart) Click to see more

Introducing Zara Bowling Bag with strap


How is everyone doing?
I know I deserve several slaps for not blogging but please guys, hear me out. I moved house and up till now I still don't have a house or Internet connection but all is well. Let me not bore you with the story of my life :-)

Back to the matter (in wizkid's voice) Let me introduce to you like good old days a Zara bag that you shouldn't miss. I got this for a customer on Tuesday and it was love at first sight. Zara obviously nailed it with this bag. The price is right (£40) and the colour is black! Every babe deserves a solid everyday black bag and this is not to be missed. Click to see more pictures.

Just to say a 'Huge Thank You' to everyone that checked on me. You guys are amaze-ball. Someone left a comment on my last post saying maybe I'm now married and hubby banned me from blogging. That made me LoL for days. I am very active on Instagram though so can follow me @londonpersonalshopper

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