Saturday, 19 May 2012

Authentic Replica!

So I bumped into the store that sells replica of all the designer bags that you can ever think of and am wondering if all these our very own celebs buy the real stuff (jokes)..hehehe Seriously see pictures below and share your thoughts. A UK buyer gave them a 5 star rating and even posted a picture of her self carrying the bag. So my dear readers, I will say I have found a bargain for you!!! They have all the brands and I will be posting a lot from them. Let me know what brand you will be interested in and I will do the post for you. Read a customer review below.

The Stylish Boss Lady Outfits.

......because looking good matters!

Giuseppe Zanotti's curved wedge sandals! You like?

Beyonce Inspired Look!

Something for Him.

More stuff coming soon guys...apologies in capital if I have been biased lately..kisses & hugs to you guys!

Style Inspiration.

How are you all today? Gosh I really missed chatting with you gorgeous readers but to be honest my head has been all over the place due issues with shipping of clients order especially to my Nigerian Clients but I won't say more than that because we don't wash our dirty linen in public do we? I guess all is well with you and many thanks to all those that have used our services. Grateful for all your patronage and will be glad if you can leave a feedback on how we are doing or what we can do to help us serve you better. 

Today I have different occasions styles inspiration. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know which of these you liked most. If you disagree with any of the combo, why don't you send us your idea of how to make heads turn to We will gladly post for you free of charge!!! lol.. Anywayz enjoy!

 This Electric Neon would be ideal for your special birthdays the likes of 21st,25th, 30th kind of birthdays. I love all the bright colours 
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