Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Denim & Blue: Kim Kardashian Inspired

Created Kim's look below. Click to view and tell me what you think.

Reiss Sales

Found these items on line and decided to share. Grey dress was £159 now £47 while the cross over dress was £149 now £44. The good thing I like this about store is all sizes are available. Now what's your verdict on these items? Yay or Nay. Click for more pictures

Sales order.

Just ordered these items for a client. My client has been eyeing these buys for a while and now they are all on sale. Love the red one but sold out in my size.:(

 Click to see more. The first item is available in white and black. Client got the white one.

End of Year Sale

So the end of year sale officially started today and this is a glimpse of the Selfridges store earlier today. Wish I could get the Next store for you because heard that some bargain hunters got there as early as 3am. I mean who does that?

Thank you Santa :-)

Happy Boxing day!!! Enjoy the unwrapping of the presents! I just did mine & all I want to do now is get high on Baileys..hehe

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