Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kim's Messy Hair.

Earlier today I did post a picture of Kim at the 2012 Angel Ball event and I mentioned that her hair looks like she just woke up. 

Here is what Glamour magazine has to say and I felt they replied to my observation hahaha. 
They wrote ''Kim Kardshian shows that your braided style doesn't need to be super- neat. Her side- swept halo style is messy but picture perfect.

Hmmm...do you agree with Glamour Magazine?

Sneak Preview of Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins

Just saw these online and decided to share with you ladies. It's the Kountdown to KK collection for Dorothy Perkins and the site is already buzzing. Click to see more and tell me what you think. Are they fairly priced and most of all, which of these would you be rocking?

Btw, one of the models looks so much like Kimberly.

2012 Angel Ball: Kim vs Solange

So who is looking hot on the red carpet between Kim & Solange? I love the Cobalt blue colour though but Solange is looking more composed. Kim's hair is looking as if she just woke up. 

My Ideal Wedding Gown

So my high school mate is into bespoke wedding dresses and I am so in love with this particular design. What do you think ladies? Maybe because I'm 6'2 tall, I usually feel awkward in long dresses and I am still yet to see a wedding dress that I would like to rock for my wedding. For me midi length outfit takes away the height from me so I'm definitely going to rock a midi wedding dress. 

My house mate says I must be out of my mind if I wear this dress. I decided to post this and see if I'll get any support for this cute little white dress. So who is going with me on this midi wedding dress?

Btw check out my friends blog here. She has some lovely designs you need to see. Click Here

Another Vintage buy.

So the same customer that got the vintage black dress with belt yesterday ordered for this as well. This outfit looks fab online and just like the black dress, it has 5 star rating as well. What do you think of this outfit and where will be the best place to rock it to? I will love to read your comments.

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