Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Ideal Wedding Gown

So my high school mate is into bespoke wedding dresses and I am so in love with this particular design. What do you think ladies? Maybe because I'm 6'2 tall, I usually feel awkward in long dresses and I am still yet to see a wedding dress that I would like to rock for my wedding. For me midi length outfit takes away the height from me so I'm definitely going to rock a midi wedding dress. 

My house mate says I must be out of my mind if I wear this dress. I decided to post this and see if I'll get any support for this cute little white dress. So who is going with me on this midi wedding dress?

Btw check out my friends blog here. She has some lovely designs you need to see. Click Here


  1. I have alwaayyyyyssss loved to wear a knee lenght dress for my wedding! And this is just perfect.Nothing wrong with being different ojare!

  2. Thanks jare! I'm madly in love with the dress.

  3. You are 6'2"? WHAAAAATTTT *stretches hands out.... dramatic music opens... everything is slow motion in moment of mutual connection* (too many movies, I know) but I didn't know that...(now that I think of it, maybe you've mentioned it before). I'm tall too but eh... the dress ain't for me. I want the whole traditional shindig. Long white and banging. So keep the upper part... loose the lower part for me

  4. As much as i love this dress, i wouldnt want you to wear it Seyi, it would make you look like a tall baby! I wouldnt mind the long version. So dear, am not supporting you on this one. Mba nuuu.

    1. Lolo speaks Ibo!lol..thanks for your advice honey

  5. Its absolutely stunning, though i'd prefer it full length. Dear future husband,lets get married biko lol.


  6. Hey hun, you're amazing. your blog is fabulous and thank you for featuring this dress. Very pleasant surprise when I saw the post. I think you can definitely rock this dress with your tall slim frame but we will create a convertible dress for you where you can rock it long for your ceremony and rock it short to party at reception ;). Your readers can check out more designs on www.estilomoda.co.uk

  7. Really I feel it would be a welcome change. Don't be surprised if peeps start copyin u afta u rock it at ur wedding. And it will be a lovely way to show dem ur hot shoes cos we don't get to Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ most bridal shoes. Am 100% in love wit d dress.


  8. So cute lovestruck.Go Girl, change is the only constant thing in life.


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