Thursday, 29 November 2012

3 for 2 Promo

Get you fragrance on guys.

Celebrity Style Review:Nikki Minaj

What's your verdict on Aunty Nikki's look. Yay or Nay?

Kardashian Sisters Pose

So another pro photographer commented on our pictures on Facebook saying we stole the Kardashian sisters pose. True or false? So who is who? Can't stop laughing at his comment.

Celebrity Style Crush

Verdict on the Jacket @ £55 Yay or Nay?

Photo of the Day: Just for laughs

Lol...True or False?

Kate Middleton's outfit request

One of my Abuja client sent me this picture few weeks back asking me if I could get her Kate's red outfit in the affordable range. I love assignment like this and the god of blogging sure smiled on me. I found not so close, but a look alike item. The only issue is that the fabric is wool :( but she loves it and I have ordered it. She also ordered a shoe with the outfit which yours truly picked for her. Check it out after the cut.

My bag crush.

You all remember my bag crush few months back? Well here is the new addition to the family still retailed at £795 #Dey Rey savings bank account now activated.haha

Question of the day

What outing would you rocked this look to?

AY Live Show Outing Part 2

So while we were trying to take pictures with my camera before the show last week, Bola's cousin, Seun (a professional photographer) was having a good laugh due to the crappy pictures we took. So he offered to help with his AK47 looking camera. These are the results. Please is there any difference between his and mine?*eyelashes* If you miss part 1, read here Btw I did my first peace sign ever and I think mine is cooler than Karen Ighos..hehe Click to see more guys.

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