Thursday, 29 November 2012

AY Live Show Outing Part 2

So while we were trying to take pictures with my camera before the show last week, Bola's cousin, Seun (a professional photographer) was having a good laugh due to the crappy pictures we took. So he offered to help with his AK47 looking camera. These are the results. Please is there any difference between his and mine?*eyelashes* If you miss part 1, read here Btw I did my first peace sign ever and I think mine is cooler than Karen Ighos..hehe Click to see more guys.

 My darling Tola loves taking pictures to max. She was all over the living room.

 Seun tried so hard to turn me into a model but na lie. I was over

 The 3 Musketeers L-R Tosin, Me & Bola

Bola smiling for Mama Charlie.. Hope you like? Thanks for making part 1 go on my popular post list. 


  1. OK just viewed part 1 and I must say the difference is clear..*covered face smiley* Thanks Seun. You rock. My camera nearly spoil my

  2. You guys looked so cool , last group picture is my best though. And yes there is a difference in your shots and the Prof. photographers #tonguesout.

  3. Where did you get your hair & leggings from? You have really changed. Well done omo Osu..hehe

    1. Thanks hun..Hair is from Onyx (2348176856595 BB pin 27F3005D) Jean was from Dorothy perkins.


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