Tuesday, 18 December 2012

LPS Live TV Interview

So last week Friday, I was a guest on ChrissyB TV show and like I promised , I'm sharing the link. I have been trying to upload the video from YouTube since 7pm all to no avail. I decided to copy the link though so if you are interested please watch HERE 
Picture above from L-R : Seyi, Lisa (co-guest) & Chris (The presenter) Yeah I look good..thanks don't mention hehehe. One more picture after the cut and please help my career by leaving a comment on YouTube. *winks*

Pocket Friendly Finds

Landing Cost to Lagos for dresses is N8500 while tops and skirts are between N5000 - N6000. Other location available on request. Click to see more

Denim on Denim by Onyx Hair

Swag or no Swag? All items by LPS & Hair by Onyx Hair! Rock on babe!

Jessica Ennis's smashing red dress

I'm sure you all know who she is but if not, goggle is our friend (: She looks stunning in this gorgeous floor length red dress (which I'm sure is by Victoria Beckham) and I read on Twitter that she is now the new queen of bottom (backside precisely) in the UK Like seriously? Where are all the Africans in the UK? Let's show them what our mamas gave us.More pictures when you continue.

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