Saturday, 24 November 2012

Michael Kors Limited Edition

Dear Santa, if you really do exist, can you please include this Miss Gorgeous in my package? Thank you in advance..From Michael Kors biggest fan..hehe iWish 

Kiddies Buys.

I just received this order and decided to share. Items are cute and very trendy and most importantly there are all on sale!!! Click to continue.

Primark Feet.

Due to high demands, I MIGHT be going on Primark Shopping soon. Kindly take note of the things you want from the store and watch this space when I will make the announcement. Please note that I wrote 'Might' so I am not indebted to anyone just in case things don't work out. Click to see more footwear

Btw, you can use the search button to see all Primark posts from September. Any items after stated period might be difficult to get. Send all lists to


High Street Picks

More coming soon..Feeling a terrible headache since morning. Hope your weekend is going well. The weather here is not friendly at all. It's been raining all day. :( Click to see more.

Wanted by Fashion Police

Which is worst?

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