Thursday, 9 May 2013

Victoria Beckham SS13

Less is indeed more for my Lady Posh. Click to see her collection and let's know your fave. I have a few though but let's just pretend they won't fit me price-tag-wise. #You get my point right? :)

Coming Soon: River-Island SS13

Click to see more.

Gucci vs River-Island

Primark is not the only store that is in the biz of giving hope to the Fashionistas. Take a look at the Floral pants in the picture above. The pant on the left is by Gucci and priced at £1000. Only the likes of Kim Kardashian are allowed to spend that amount on a pair of pants. Luckily, River-Island has come to our rescue by giving us a replica in form of a jogger for only £30!!! Can't beat that price tag people. 

So my fellow readers, who needs designers fashion when the high street price is this insanely good? 

The Zara-Inspired Primark Shoes

I call them Primark of Hope!!! LoL. Check out more pics after the cut. While Zara's is retailed for £29.99, Primark is giving you for just £12. All hail Queen Primark!!!!!!!!!!!


So Badgirl Rihanna must be feeling cool with herself now after her lipstick for Mac sold out in 3 hours of it's launch on-line. That sounds like a record breaking deal right? 

The good thing about it is that the lippie goes for £14 just like the others. One would think that with all the hype, they will sell at a higher price.

Now my question is would you be on the queue for hours just to purchase the Riri-woo? Ain't nobody got time for that Now the secret to getting yours from Mac is by using your mobile device (took 20mins) else you r on a long thing if you use your PC. Stayed on it for more than 1 hour before my iPhone came to my rescue. God bless mobile devices. 

Give it a couple of months, Riri-woo would be more available for everyone to buy. In the meantime, let's enjoy the hype!!! One more picture after the cut.
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