Thursday, 9 May 2013


So Badgirl Rihanna must be feeling cool with herself now after her lipstick for Mac sold out in 3 hours of it's launch on-line. That sounds like a record breaking deal right? 

The good thing about it is that the lippie goes for £14 just like the others. One would think that with all the hype, they will sell at a higher price.

Now my question is would you be on the queue for hours just to purchase the Riri-woo? Ain't nobody got time for that Now the secret to getting yours from Mac is by using your mobile device (took 20mins) else you r on a long thing if you use your PC. Stayed on it for more than 1 hour before my iPhone came to my rescue. God bless mobile devices. 

Give it a couple of months, Riri-woo would be more available for everyone to buy. In the meantime, let's enjoy the hype!!! One more picture after the cut.

Check out blogger Shopnowsavelater rocking hers on Instagram. She scored it a 9!

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