Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stripped Jacket Request

A request came in for a stripped jacket buy and yours truly found a few for your viewing & buying pleasure. See some hawt finds after the cut. My fave is the red dogtooth. What's yours? All available now.

Denim Shirts request...

 Maybe we need to tag today as Denim Saturday because the response to Denim shirt dress post is amazing. One of my lovely Abuja (Nigeria) ladies also requested for denim shirts so I decided to share my finds with you all. So babes, here you go. All items available now. More when you continue.

Denim Shirt Dress....

I just placed order for these items so I decided to share with you lovely readers. Thanks to my newest client who bought back memories of Denim dresses when she sent her order email. I am sure most of us were once crazy about denim dresses back in the days and I must confess, this first item is definately coming home to mama in the next few days. *azonto* More shirt dresses after the cut and all items available now. 

Pick your Fave

 More when you continue. All items available now.

Kardashian Collection Photo Shoot Promo for Dorothy Perkins

 We are patiently waiting for your Kollections ladies...More when you continue. Btw, who is your favourite K?

Fashion Face-off:Wedding Outfit.

Who rocked the wedding outfit best?

LPS Finds

Welcome to September!!! More when you continue.
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