Saturday, 27 October 2012

Just ordered..

This dress was just ordered for a client. What do you think? Too busy?

Square Neckline Trend.

Are you rocking yours...btw what's wrong with Aunty Berry's picture?

Next Order Invasion

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to find this in front of your door with a note saying 'With love from your secret admirer' What will you do huh?

So my 'crazy' house mate played a fast one on me today and I seriously fell for it. Maybe the cold also played a fast one on me as well because I totally forgot that I actually placed order for a customer from Next. You need to see my heart skip like 100 times in a second. Wish there was a camera to capture that was too funny.Have you ever been fooled like this before?

Boyfriend Jeans Buys

 A customer ordered some boyfriend jeans lately and I decided to share with you. I added these pics just in case you want some inspiration on how to rock one. Have you ever wondered why is called Boyfriend Jeans? I guess that will be my next assignment for a blog post. 
Click to continue and if you have any idea why we have the BF jeans, jackets, blazers etc, please share with us. Remember there is love in sharing. hehehe

Peplum Back in Stores

I did a post in August about this top. The colours available then was cream and black and if you remember, I asked for what colour to wear for a concert then. Then the tops sold out and some of my customers could not get it. 

Glad to let you know that the top is back in store in colour Blue and Red. Also there is a spiked one as well which you will see after the cut.

Bra of the Day: Gold Spiked Bra.

As a personal shopper, I see some orders like this and I'm like seriously? Anyways here is another weird order (apologies Cynthia for calling your order that *wink*) Ladies, would you wear this and if yes please how would you wear? 

Cynthia will kill me for this!!!lol
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